Pressing Forward

You’re lying if you say
You know where you are
Where you are going

All you can claim
Is where you’ve been

I am here
I guess you are with me
In this moment
I like your company

This path is laid out
I am pressing forward

I am tired

My legs have traveled
And want rest

My load is heavy
I see yours is too

Let’s set them down
Shall we?

There’s no rush
Unless you have somewhere to be

I could stay right here
I’m done with the rocks
Under my feet
This weight on my shoulders
This relentless sun burning down

Do you know what I mean?
I think you do

I came here for solitude
But I like you

You don’t ask anything of me
You just listen

How ’bout we simply stay
Look around
Take in the beauty around us

You can leave any time you want to
Thank you for your

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